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Fun TV

Fun TV is a live media show made on the big screen. It is all about making event more exiting and viral. We achieve that by reacting to interesting and cheerful situations, and by interacting with the audience. Lots of attractions and positive emotions - thats our goal. Our team focuses on creating an unforgettable show, by searching for and provoking actions with sport fans.
It is possible to produce Fun TV Lite version - without the use of the cameras. Instead, we use pre-edited video footage, social-media content and interactive games. And all of this fully is fullt synced with other activities. Perfectly synchornized sound and image allows us to create a one-of-a-kind experience. During the show, there will be time and space for branding and advertising. It is an ideal form of promotion that, in a subtle and spectacular way, blends into the script and the program of any sport event.

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